*Take on the Challenge...28 Days to Make Time For Me Time*

Take on the Challenge...28 Days to Make Time For Me Time

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

January can be a bit of a long month...the fun and festivities of Christmas are over and the reality of every day life resumes once more (and did I mention it's still cold!)

So, looking forward to February, here at Heavenly Green we are taking this (shorter) month as a chance to help you find some Me Time with our campaign of 28 days of Self Love

Me Time is different for everyone, one person enjoys sitting alone reading a book, whilst another likes the fresh air of a brisk walk.

Whatever it is that makes you tick, helps you switch off ,we encourage you to take that time this February.

For some, its needed more often than others, but listen to your mind and body and know when to take a step back and put yourself first.

So on that gorgeously relaxing note, here are Heavenly Green's top 3 treatments for self loving this February.

1. Aromatherapy Massage

The healing powers of massage, combined with the powerful benefits of aromatherapy oils make this treatment one of our bestsellers in the salon.
Blended oils help your muscles relax, your mind de stress and your everyday worries melt away.

2. Reflexology

For those with tired aching soles (and souls!) reflexology can boost and re energise your body by clearing away energy blockages and allowing your body to rejuvenate itself from the inside out. Reflexology can help with stress, anxiety, digestive issues, PMS and a whole host of other daily niggles that can make us feel slightly under par.

3. Facials
Feeling good always needs to start on the inside, but a little extra help visually now and then can really lift and brighten your mood.

This dull weather can leave your skin feeling sallow and lack lustre and the best way to rectify that is to treat yourself to a facial.

We offer massage based relaxing facials as well target results driven facials using cutting edge technology and machines, so there is something for everyone and every skin type.

For the month of February, as our Valentines Gift to you, we are offering a FREE back massage with every facial. Simply quote Me Time when booking

So, take the challenge on, 28 days to Self Love and Making Time For Me Time this February!