*What is collagen and why do I need it for my skin?*

What is collagen and why do I need it for my skin?

Tuesday 17th April 2018

What is collagen and why do I need it?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and it is found mainly in the skin, muscles, bones, cartilage and all the body's connective tissues.
Collagen's main role in the formation of healthy skin, is to create strength and elasticity.

It is made by fibroblast cells in the deepest layer of the skin called the dermis. That is why deep penetration of skin loving vitamins and peptides is so important when looking to increasing collagen production as the deeper the products can go the more effective they will be.

Fibroblast cells also naturally make hyaluronic acid, which is a natural moisturising factor and inhibits the production of collagenase, an enzyme which breaks down collagen.

Normal healthy collagen is incredibly strong; it can be likened to a rubber band as it is extremely elastic and springs back to shape when it is stretched. However, collagen can be easily damaged by everyday factors such as

  • Natural skin aging
  • UV sun damage
  • Smoking (which increases the amount of free radicals which break down collagen cells)
  • Excess sugar consumption

It is not all bad news though, as collagen production can be increased fairly easily within the skin.
The two key vitamins for promoting collagen production are Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Research has shown that by taking these vitamins both orally and applying them topically to the skin increases their effectiveness.

Peptides also increase skin elasticity and promote collagen formation as they are made of amino acids which are the building blocks of collagens internal matrix.

By far the best and most effective treatment for increasing collagen production is the CST skin needling treatment originally created by Environ's founder Dr Des Fernandes.

It harnesses the body's natural skin healing process to smooth and plump the skin achieving far more dramatic results than other less invasive treatment options.

The combination of skin needling and topical vitamin skincare involves thousands of tiny needle pricks to the skin which results in bleeding. This bleeding initiates the release of platelets which in turn release a cascade of growth factors stimulating the production of collagen and elastin resulting in tighter, smoother more radiant looking skin.