Vitamin A and Pregnancy...Debunknig the myths

Vitamin A and Pregnancy...Debunknig the myths

Tuesday 24th April 2018

In the past there have been a lot conflicting views on the use of vitamin A throughout pregnancy, ranging from total avoidance to unlimited allowance.

Environ have recently reviewed their protocol for topical use of Vitamin A during pregnancy.

In consultation with founder Dr Des Fernandes , Environ advises that topical products containing low levels of Vitamin A are safe to use during both pregnancy and lactation.

Once applied topically Vitamin A is trapped in our skin as we do not have the enzyme system needed to transfer it to the blood stream as happens with other vitamins such as vitamin C.

However, during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is possible that the skin's response to cosmetics may change due to fluctuating hormone levels. Therefore, should clients choose to continue with their Environ skincare regime, Environ recommends that clients revert to base levels 1 and 2 of either Youth Essentia and Skin Essentia.

Clients may also find it is more comfortable to keep to these levels throughout the pregnancy.


Q: I have just discovered I am pregnant after having started on Environ Skin Essentia 1. Should I now stop?

A: Youth Essentia and Skin Essentia at levels 1 - 2 are rated by Environ as appropriate for use during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Q: I am a long term Environ user who is now pregnant. Should I stop using Environ products?

A: Environ recommends that clients who choose to maintain their Environ skincare programme during pregnancy, should revert to the lowest levels of Vitamin A based products. Skin Essentia and Youth Essentia at levels 1-2 are viewed as appropriate for use during pregnancy by Environ.

The benefits of introducing or continuing the use of a vitamin A cream topically to the skin during pregnancy are numerous.

Vitamin A helps with skin elasticity and collagen production , helping to prevent stretch marks as the body grows. Vitamin A also helps to normalise pigmentation which can reduce the risk of hormonal pigmentation. Skin hydration levels are increased, and the natural exfoliation process is supported with the topical application of vitamin A, thus reducing dryness and breakouts on the skin.