*Problem free skin this Summer!!*

Problem free skin this Summer!!

Tuesday 31st July 2018

You may know teenagers who are suffering with bad skin, family friends or even be suffering yourself.

Here at Heavenly Green we understand acne and our professional therapists are here to advise you with the best way to treat it.

Acne is caused by 4 main factors

  • Overproduction of sebum on the skin
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Overproduction of bacteria on the skin
  • Improper exfoliation of the skin

This is why acne is best treated not only with products topically on the skin, but with supplements to support the skin internally.

We have a wide range of topical products including cleansers and moisturisers to help reduce sebum production, balance bacteria levels and improve the skins exfoliation process.

Hormonal imbalances cannot be treated topically and this is why the fantastic SKIN ACCUMAX supplement is a vital addition to help tackle acne.

The high levels of vitamin A along with patented phyto-nutrients help to re balance hormone levels, reduce sebum production and encourage the skin to exfoliate naturally.