*The power of IPL for Hair Removal*

The power of IPL for Hair Removal

Thursday 28th June 2018

IPL stands for INTENSE PULSED LIGHT and it offers a more permanent method for hair removal than waxing or shaving.

A very simple explanation is that It works by using light.

A gun emitting high intensity light is placed over the area, and the heat from the light is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle.

This heats up the follicle and damages it, meaning over time the hair follicle dies and the hair falls out and over the course of treatments, will not grow back.

As hair growth is cyclical, between 6 - 8 treatments are normally needed to catch all the hairs in the active growth phase which is most effective for treatment.

Facial hairs can be more stubborn as they are affected by other factors such as hormone levels and and age, so can needed between 10 - 12 treatments to achieve the best results.

IPL is best suited to darker hairs, as light hairs contain very little pigment they cannot absorb the heat energy.

IPL can be a great option for those who suffer with consistent in grown hairs, are allergic to wax treatments or simply looking for a longer lasting effect.

All clients will have a thorough consultation, after which a short patch test will be conducted to ensure suitability for the treatment.

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