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*10 things about Vitamin C and what it can do for your skin*

10 things about Vitamin C and what it can do for your skin

Monday 17th October 2016

So you may think you know about Vitamin's found in oranges, it stops you from getting colds and it prevented sailors from getting scurvy.

Did you know Vitamin C has a massive impact on your skin health, and when combined with Vitamin E it maximises the power of both vitamins!

As Winter approaches it is time to up your skincare game, adding some vitamin C into your regime could drastically improve your winter face.

1. It Replenishes and plumps the epidermis
The highest levels of Vitamin C are found in the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis. By topically applying Vitamin C to the skin you are replenishing these levels allowing skin to looking plumper and more glowing.

2. Limits the damage done by UV Exposure
Vitamin C on its own is not a sunscreen but it does target UVA radiation. It is also an antioxidant which means it fights free radicals which are harmful and cancer causing to the skin. When you combine Vitamin C and Vitamin E you get broad spectrum coverage as Vitamin E Targets UVB radiation.

3. Increases collagen production
Vitamin C triggers collagen production and whilst helping to decompose damaged collagen cells- the result is plumper younger looking skin.

4. Aids wound healing
Going hand in hand with decomposing damaged collagen cells, Vitamin C helps replace damages skin tissue with scar tissue. This in turn allows for wounds to heal faster and more efficiently.

5.It is easily absorbed into the skin
Combined with regular skin exfoliation and cleansing, Vitamin C is readily absorbed into the skin.

6. Suppresses abnormal pigmentation of the skin
Think Vitamin C as colour correcting. It helps reduce abnormal pigmentation and redness, and can help with the appearance of thread veins

7. Internally is better for Acne
Whilst Vitamin C is fabulous in many ways, it is not great topically for acne or spot prone skin and can sometimes cause more breakouts. When battling with spots it is best taken internally as benefits such as improved skin healing and colour correcting are vital when dealing with acne prone skin.

8. Lightens, Brightens and Hydrates
Vitamin C is well known for its lightening and brightening effects, helping to visibly reduce dark circles and dull sallow looking skin.

9. Reduces inflammation
Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation, which is perfect for those struggling with puffy eyes, swollen breakout or general lack lustre looking skin.

10. Strengthens capillary walls
By strengthening the capillary walls you reduce the risk of broken capillaries which are the cause of thread veins.

Whilst the AVST and C-Quence Moisturiser ranges from Environ combine high levels of Vitamins A, C and E Our favourite Vitamin C booster product is C Boost from Environ.

C Boost contains Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate,( a potent form of Vitamin C) Vitamin E and Transcutol (which enhances penetration) in a light non greasy cream. It can be mixed with the AVST moisturisers or applied only in certain problem areas.

We also love to include Vitamin C internally as part of our skincare regime using Skin Vit C from the Advanced Nutrition Programme. By combining products topically and internally you are increasing the effectiveness and penetration levels.