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Semi Permanent Make-up

Semi permanent makeup by Face , treatments are a safe natural-looking alternative to applying makeup throughout the day. Now you can always look flawless, replace makeup, and save valuable time in the morning and most importantly boosting your confidence!

Powder Brows

Cost: £400 (Including Top Up 4-6 weeks)

For a more subtle, soft pencil or powder shadow effect through the brows, this eyebrow cosmetic tattoo technique closely mimics the appearance of more conventional brow makeup and is perfect to achieve gracefully arched and beautifully coloured, yet softly defined brows without the use of individual hair strokes - classic elegance!

Ombre Brows

Cost: £400 (Including Top Up 4-6 weeks)

Ombre Brows- shading effect through the brow, lighter fronts to a darker arch and ends. Powder Brows - same colour insensitivity through the brow. The results can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months, depending on different factors affecting the procedure. However, a regular colour boosts are recommended to retain the shape and saturation of pigment.

Hair Stroke Brows

Cost: £400 (Including Top Up 4-6 weeks)

Forget hard, flat and unnatural! The hair stroke eyebrow cosmetic tattoo is the latest hair-simulation technique for beautifully natural-looking eyebrows! Delicate individual hairs which mimic real brow hairs are meticulously crafted and woven together in the direction of your natural brow hair, creating a softly feathered effect. The result is beautifully natural, on-trend eyebrows that are totally flattering to the whole face.


Cost: £400 (Including Top Up 4-6 weeks)

This is the perfect solution to sparse, over plucked, over waxed and thinning eyebrows. This treatment is ideal to cover scars and gaps, define shape, create an arch and fill in the eyebrows, this method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrow. Microblading produces a very fine line that resembles real hair. Each individual hair stroke is hand drawn and blended in with the existing eyebrow hair. The results are gorgeous and very lifelike brows.

Combination Brows

Cost: £400 (Including Top Up 4-6 weeks)

For a fuller and more defined eyebrows, the above eyebrow SPMU techniques may be successfully combined for a softly textured, defined, on-trend look! We can either add some shading to microblading or some hair strokes to ombre brows, never endless possibilities.

Annual follow-up

Cost: £250

Regular colour boosts are recommended to retain the shape and saturation of pigment.