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With our day to day lives being more stressful than ever, taking time out to relax is vital for overall well being. Massage is an effective method in treating stress, muscular pain and tension headaches.

All our massages benefit from the powerful ingredients used in the Aromatherapy Associates oils to help you de-stress, relax and revive your being.

De-Stress Muscle Release

Back and Neck £40 | Full Body £75

An intensive physical massage focusing on releasing muscular aches and pains. Oils of ginger, rosemary and black pepper stimulate and invigorate, leaving you feeling de stressed and brimming with untapped energy.

Hot Stones Massage

Back and Neck £45 | Full Body £78

Using the natural aromas of Aromatherapy combined with the healing power of hot stones, this intensely relaxing massage can help to relieve deep rooted aches and pains